Regulatory engineering (#RegEngRg)

Welcome to #RegEngRg:

Regulatory Engineering of Environmental Health Risks & Technologies

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The objective of #RegEngrg is twofold:

  1. to make better use of scientific knowledge and engineering insight when it comes to regulation of risks and technologies and
  2. to develop a new set of environmental health principles, regulatory decision-support tools and governance frameworks that can guide decision-makers in the future.

he objective of #RegEngrg will be addressed in five interacting research topics:

  1. Horizon scanning
  2. New environmental health principles
  3. New decision-support tools
  4. New governance frameworks 
  5. New ways of communications

When successful, #RegEngrg will hopefully lay the foundation of a new science policy paradigm and led to significant changes in the manner in which future regulatory decisions are made to protect human health and the environment.

Steffen Foss Hansen
Project Leader


  • 3 peer-reviewed first-authored papers published in Nature Nanotechnology

  • First papers published in peer-reviewed journals with M.Sc.-students in the field of #RegEngrg:

    • Newcombe, A., Evangelio, A., Revilla, P. Laranjeiro, T., Hansen, S. F. 2013. The environmental, social and ethical aspects of multinational corporations exploiting oil resources in Ecuador. Proceedings of Wessex Environmental Health Risk 2013. Wessex: WIT Press.

    • Hansen, S.H., Pedersen, L.C., Vilsgaard, K.D., Elbæk Nielsen, I., Hansen, S.F. 2013. Environmental and ethical assessment of sustainable mining in Greenland. Journal of Earth Science and Engineering 3 (2013) 213-224

  • Co-editor and first-author of several chapters in the 2013 publication “Late Lessons from Early Warnings: Precaution, Science and Innovation” published by the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen

Recent publications:

  1. Hansen, S.F., Jensen, K.A., Baun, A. 2014. NanoRiskCat: A conceptual tool for categorization and communication of exposure potentials and hazards of nanomaterials in consumer products. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 16(1):2195 DOI 10.1007/s11051-013-2195-z

  2. *Hansen, S.F. The European Union's chemical legislation needs revision. Nature Nanotechnology 8, 305–306.

  3. Hansen, S.F., Nolde Nielsen, K., Knudsen, N., Grieger, K.D., Baun, A., 2013. Operationalization and application of ‘‘early warning signs’’ to screen nanomaterials for harmful properties. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 15:190-203