Regulatory engineering (#RegEngRg)

#RegEngrg project leader:

Steffen Foss Hansen
Associate Professor
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 15 93

The Department of Environmental Engineering (DTU Environment) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) aims to develop technical and sustainable solutions to minimize the impact of society on the environment and humans through research and teaching at an international level. DTU Environment is one of the largest university groups in Europe specializing in environment and resources, including among other topics chemical risk assessment, environmental contamination and environmental management.

DTU Environment is a member of DTU’s Global Decision Support Initiative (, which aims at providing innovation in scientific research on decision support with a particular focus on cross-disciplinary issues. GDSI provides advice to national and international decision makers from industries, national and supranational organizations and authorities faced with complex decision situations, providing knowledge and scientific decision support tools. DTU’s GDSI aims at developing a generic framework for sustainability- and risk-informed decision support including methodical guidelines and methods in regard to: decision rationale, governance, knowledge and uncertainty representation, decision modeling, system representation, system analysis. The research done in #RegEngrg will feed into DTU’s GDSI and vice versa.